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The Shore Thing

About The Shore Thing

This unique project gives the opportunity to take part in 'REAL' science allowing groups or students to help monitor the impact of rising sea temperatures on our rocky shore species.


To generate records of marine wildlife by facilitating intertidal biological surveys at sites around the British Isles, and to make the results available to all on the Internet. In addition an aim is to raise awareness of marine conservation amongst the participants and the wider community.


  • To create a national database of verified and validated intertidal species for the UK.
  • To engage schools and groups through fieldwork in marine conservation and raise awareness of marine issues.
  • To strengthen the links between education and marine research in the UK.

Who is involved in The Shore Thing

The project was developed by MarLIN at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, in collaboration with Dove Marine Laboratory, University of Newcastle.  

For further details please contact

Fiona Crouch - Shore Thing Project Officer - The Marine Biological Association, Citadel Hill, Plymouth, Devon. PL1 2PB. Telephone: 01752 633336, Email:

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