Zoom –In 2

About Zoom –In 2

Everyone has a space which is special to them ZOOM-In2 is looking for contributions from individuals, community and youth groups, families and children that take a closer look at the natural heritage of Tayside.


ZOOM-In2 wants photographs of your special space, or a place you are passionate about, or that inspires you. We are looking for natural areas in Tayside, not buildings or people. Which green spaces or natural heritage features do you find important? Your photographs will form a timelapse record showing the different seasons of your one special place.

What to do:

All you need to do is take your photograph every month from the same position every time. It has to be within Tayside. It’s easy. Upload it to www.ZoomIn2.co.uk

Although it would be great to get 12 pictures, it doesn’t really matter if you miss one or two months. If you need inspiration, enjoy watching the ZOOM-In2 video from 2012 which is also on the website.

For further details please contact:

The Tayside Biodiversity Partnership has been working on projects to protect the local environment and wildlife since 1998.  For more information please contact Catherine Lloyd – partnership coordinator - Email: caglloyd@pkc.gov.uk

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